Never used Needs cleaning from being in storage 5/13/19


Item posted in the Lamps & Lighting category
Used Some have small pieces broken off, all are discolored from the sun Price is for all 4/29/19
GUC, toothpick dispenser is new Price is for each, spoons are the set for the posted price 1/29/19
4 available. Finally got some green color in them after the transfer from the MoMA plant. These will need to b placed in a different pot. With reg soil is fine. Meeting. Tillman's corner. Theodore. Irvington. Grandbay. Bayou. Area.
3 available. Ready for a new home. Can stay in these pots for a little longer, if u want them to or can b transferred to a pot of choice. Meeting. Tillman's corner. Theodore. Grandbay. Irvington. Bayou. Area.